‘A Happy End’

Send to us by one of our Needle Nose Team volunteers:

Why our hearts are with the greyhounds, and will be forever. A little insight about how crazy we are for our greys, and why the ex-racing greyhounds deserves whatever we can do to save their lives, and make them happy and healthy.


The greatest thing I’ve ever known,

Someone came and took me home.

Away from the track; hope I’ll never go back!

Like a nightmare in my memory, my future looked Black.

Then I was adopted, and my life was spared.

I thank God everyday that someone cared.

‘Cause this must be heaven, I’m a winner this time.

Got a ball, a bone, and a bed all mine.

And I’m crazy about my family;

Devoted you might say,

Like a shadow beside them,

You can bet I want to stay.

And I’m special too, they call me “sweetheart,”

And they hug and kiss me and tell me I’m smart.

Even dreams are peaceful now, no stress no strife.

And I run for fun, instead of running for my life.

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