If You Need to Surrender Your Greyhound

When you need to surrender your Greyhound
by Sharyn Deeringer, CalGAP President

I write this article with a heavy heart. One of our loving, trusting greyhounds was dumped in the Lancaster shelter. A couple days later sweet Spin was dead. Whether she died of exposure or stress we will probably never know. Shelters are reticent to admit mistakes.

As soon as word was received that Spin, a Retired Racers greyhound, was in the shelter, the greyhound adoption agencies in the area went into full gear to get Spin released to one of the groups. It was a truly cooperative effort by all. Many times shelters will allow greyhound adoption groups to quarantine greys in an approved home. I have been allowed to do this several times.

A hold was put on Spin within a day to prevent the shelter from euthanizing her. We had an adopter ready to take her as soon as the quarantine was over in 8 long days. Just 2 days after Spin’s arrival at the shelter, the day the new adopter pledged to pick her up, we received news that she had died.

Giving up your greyhound is serious business. As we all know our greys are special, not only to us emotionally; but they also have special physical needs. It is very important that no matter what the circumstances, never allow a greyhound to be placed in a county shelter.

Shelters do not realize that our greyhounds do not have the body fat or the fur to help them survive extreme temperatures. Shelters do not realize that most of our greys are very social animals and extremely dependent on their people. Some greyhounds may become stressed when not with other animals. Help us prevent another tragedy; please do not place a greyhound in a shelter.

Please call your adoption agency if you must return your greyhound. You probably signed an adoption agreement that stipulates that you must return the greyhound to the adoption agency. Please! Honor that commitment. If your need is immediate and you cannot get through to your adoption agency, please call the CalGAP main number, 949-468-8689 or go to CalGAP.org for the phone numbers of all the other adoption groups. Someone will help you and will get your grey to the adopting agency.

2 thoughts on “If You Need to Surrender Your Greyhound

  1. So since the dog was a known and local grey, has anyone tried to contact the former owner to find out why the dog was in a shelter in the first place? Can I have their names? I’d like to pay them a visit.

  2. VERY sad! As a “Greyhound Dad” myself I feel deeply for poor Spin who probably had no idea what was going on. I’m sure that whomever did this didn’t do it lightly and I sympathize, but this is why Greyhound Adoption Agencies exist. I’m horrified that such a thing could happen. Thanks for posting this message. I hope that people understand the needs (and the DON’Ts) before they get into the rare honor of adopting a greyhound!

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