Preventing Dog Attacks

From our FastFriends at GPA:

Hi Gang –

I was just called about another greyhound being attacked. This time
it was by 5 other dogs. Which prompts me to write this for advice
other than seeking a good vet to help with your injuries.

Be prepared: Local sporting goods stores sell canisters of pepper
spray that does not require a license to buy or use. If you carry
this with you when you walk your dog, you can use it on the attacking
dogs and if the owner is present, use it on them too. A big stick or
club wouldn’t hurt either.

Remember that greyhounds are not fighters. Their best defense is
their speed and agility, neither of which they can use if they are
attached to you with a leash. Depending on the circumstance, it
would be best to let the greyhound loose so it can adequately defend
itself. A greyhound freed can do a good job at defending itself,
they are smart and fast. In some single dog attacks I’ve seen the un
tethered greyhound successfully subdue the attacker, even if
larger. A set of greyhound teeth on one’s throat is pretty persuasive.

Also remember, that the attacking dog’s owner is responsible for all
costs incurred by you in caring for your dog. Sometimes it is
necessary to collect in Small Claims Court, but it is always
successful and you can file for it on-line at

You can always call us, but I can tell you that most all surgical
and/or special care the dogs here get is at the Southern California
Veterinary Specialty Group and they are open 24/7 for emergency
care. Find them on our web site or at

I wish this sort of thing didn’t happen, but it does and if you get
in the middle of a dog fight, you will probably get injured too.


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