It’s National Greyhound Adoption Month!

Start the celebration!

The good people over at The Greyhound Project, Inc have decided that April is now dedicated to finding forever homes for all former racing greyhounds nationwide, and they’ve even taken up a fund to run public service announcements.

CalGAP is thrilled that the companions we all know and love are finally  getting some well-deserved attention. We hope to see greyhound owners past and present at any of the events happening locally this month. Be sure to check out our Coming Events to join in the adoption promotion!

One thought on “It’s National Greyhound Adoption Month!

  1. Greyhounds are the easiest dogs to live with: gentle, sensitive to your feelings, quiet in the house, and needing minimal exercise (though they are willing to accompany you on longer hikes if you give them time to build up the stamina). Adopt a retired racing greyhound. Your life will never be the same again.

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