Greyhound Poisoned

Note from CalGAP: Updates on this story will be posted as information is received.

From the GreyhoundGab newsgroup, originally posted by GreySave:

The night of July 5th or the morning of the 6th, one of our older adopter’s home was sprayed with some sort of stick pink material. It was sprayed on her exterior lights and light sensors and garage door. She left the next morning for about an hour and a half to file a police report and when she came home she could not find her greyhound Shadow. Shadow was adopted in May and was the Guam dog Words of Magic and GreySave hound named Snowflake. Shadow had been in the house and healthy when the adopter left but had access to a dog door. The adopter found her outside in the back yard and dead. Since this certainly appeared to be too much of an awful coincidence to us more city folk I contacted the local vet and Homestretch and GreySave requested a necropsy. We had to know what happened to her as Shadow was just 7 ½ and had come all the way from Guam and the hardships of life there only to die here in CA. I got a call back from the vet last night and he said that Shadow had bled out, every organ had damage to it but there were no external injuries! He said it was clearly a poisoning. He will send the body fluids out to a toxicology lab in hopes of finding out what it was and hopefully getting the person who would so brutally murder the loved and cherished companion of a senior citizen.

I am sending this out as an alert to any of the groups that have greyhounds placed in the Tehachapi area to let their adopters know that this could have been completely random, targeted at a senior who is a long term resident or maybe a black dog thought to be a Doberman. Who knows none of this makes any sense but please be aware.

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