Donation Thank Yous – 8/3/09

Thank you to Carolyn, Robert, & Husker Killion and Will, Marty, & Tibas Starr for their generous donation to CalGAP in memory of sweet, loving Lola, owned by Ginger & Hugh Fryling.

All who knew Lola were blessed by her loving nature, even Husker, her greyhound want-a-be yellow lab playmate. Everyone will miss her perky ears, constant head turning to find the person who would most likely be handing out treats, and her bouncy stride as she walked the park and streets of her community every day for the past 5 years.

Lola’s grace, beauty, and peacefulness will never be forgotten. She enjoyed life to its fullest and is now romping at the Rainbow Bridge.


Thank you to Jenny & Matt Morena for their generous donation in memory of sweet Aspen. She is missed terribly by all who knew her, especially all the Deeringer greys.

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