Local Greys in Osteosarcoma Study

Forwarded by CalGAP volunteer Denaire Walker, in reply to her inquiry email regarding use of her grey’s blood in the study:

My name is Snaevar and I´m working on the canine Osteosarcoma project at the Broad Institute.

I would like to thank you for the interest in our research and for donating a sample from your dog to our studies.

During the last three years there has been continuous sample collection ongoing, and we have now samples from about 500 dogs from many breeds, affected by Osteosarcoma as well as healthy older dogs that we have used as controls.

Two years ago we did a whole genome scan were we screened over 20,000 SNP markers in the genome in Greyhounds and Rottweilers affected with Osteosarcoma. We identified 6 regions of high interest that we have continued to work on. These regions are large and contain multiple genes so we have done more dense screening of markers in those regions to narrow down the search. The next step is to sequence these regions in few individuals to identify the mutation that is underlying the disease. The sequencing is on my to-do list for next month.

As the genomic technology evolves very rapidly we are as well planning to rerun the whole genome scan in Greyhounds with new set of 150,000 markers, with the hope to get better resolution and more accurately identify regions associated with the risk of Osteosarcoma.

More information on our ongoing research projects and how to donate new blood samples can be found here:


Editor’s Note: Denaire sent in a blood sample from one of her greyhounds, Gibson, through Hemopet, on or about Oct 21, 2006. He had osteosarcoma. At the time, she understood  that there was a project being conducted that analyzed dogs with the disease and dogs that did not have the disease.

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