In Memory of Gil

A tribute to a sweet boy.

From Gil’s family:

My name is Maia Strassberg Bourque, and I adopted my grey from Hemopet in October 2002. His name was Gonzo, but everyone knew him as Gil, as we used to go to lots of show and tells until 2006 (when my other grey developed bone cancer). My beautiful Gil passed yesterday at the amazing age of 13, and was in really good health until about 1 month ago. I am attaching a photo of us, taken 2 years ago. You can see that for an 11 year old in the photo, he looked amazing. Of course I cannot tell you how much we love him, miss him already, and that even 8 1/2 years with us was not long enough!

Even though he lived for 13 years, which was an incredible gift in itself, it NEVER would have been the right time for him to go if you asked me. Please know that in his 8 1/2 years of living with us, he learned to play with toys and  beg at the kitchen table for food!   We also had to be really careful about going to the coat closet unless we planned to have a dog walk, because as soon as Gil saw one of us opening that door, he would get up from his pillow and amble over to the front door. My husband and I would groan and laugh, because in his quiet and unassuming way, Gil was insisting on  his walk.  Gil would also trick my husband when he got home at 5 pm, making it seem as though I had not just walked him 2 hours before. In that way which I am certain you know, he was the light of my life and I am so thankful to have been his mom.

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