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In Remembrance: Carole Oglesbee

Carole Oglesbee
1944 – 2013

Dedicated ex-racing greyhound advocate and animal rescuer, Carole was a foundational member of the Needle Nose Crew, the parent organization of CalGAP. Our thoughts are with her family and friends.


In Memory of Willow

Our condolences to Ilse Lenshow on the loss of sweet Willow.

Says Ilse: “Willow was a sweetheart. Cuddly and gentle. She loved to be next to me – either on my bed with her head on my shoulder , or under my desk so my feet didn ‘t fit there – and always watching me with her beautiful eyes.”

In Memory of Rapido Echo Reni

Rapido Echo Reni

July 7, 2003 – April 28, 2011

She entered my life as a foster through Joy Moss of SoCalGAL. She was not adopted by anyone, due to her missing a toe on her back foot. Reni and I bonded almost immediately at first sight, when I picked her up from Hemopet. She was always wanting to know where I was. Showing her true devotion to me: two years ago I was diagnosed with cancer, she never left my side. When I was hospitalized with a life threatening infection, she waited at the door for my return. Now it was my time to be by her side. Unfortunately, I could not save her. Reni and I said our final goodbye today. She is at Rainbow Bridge now. She will be buried at Seabreeze Pet Cemetery with her other companions. It is important to show our devotion to our beloved, unselfish greyhounds every day. Love eternal, Reni. Rest in peace. We hear your ECHO in our hearts.

Doris Lewinson and Roxane Kobalka

In Memory of Gil

A tribute to a sweet boy.

From Gil’s family:

My name is Maia Strassberg Bourque, and I adopted my grey from Hemopet in October 2002. His name was Gonzo, but everyone knew him as Gil, as we used to go to lots of show and tells until 2006 (when my other grey developed bone cancer). My beautiful Gil passed yesterday at the amazing age of 13, and was in really good health until about 1 month ago. I am attaching a photo of us, taken 2 years ago. You can see that for an 11 year old in the photo, he looked amazing. Of course I cannot tell you how much we love him, miss him already, and that even 8 1/2 years with us was not long enough!

Even though he lived for 13 years, which was an incredible gift in itself, it NEVER would have been the right time for him to go if you asked me. Please know that in his 8 1/2 years of living with us, he learned to play with toys and  beg at the kitchen table for food!   We also had to be really careful about going to the coat closet unless we planned to have a dog walk, because as soon as Gil saw one of us opening that door, he would get up from his pillow and amble over to the front door. My husband and I would groan and laugh, because in his quiet and unassuming way, Gil was insisting on  his walk.  Gil would also trick my husband when he got home at 5 pm, making it seem as though I had not just walked him 2 hours before. In that way which I am certain you know, he was the light of my life and I am so thankful to have been his mom.

In Memory of Ward

Ward in his Oregon home, 2010

From Kathy, Phil and Lauren Kolczynski (Ward’s human family):

We wanted to update you about our big handsome boy Ward. We were living in the Tustin Hills in 2004 and had adopted a very shy 2 year old girl named Roxie from Operation Greyhound in San Diego. She was a beauty, but after 3-4 months she would still not go anywhere near my husband Phil. She tolerated me but felt most comfortable in our daughter Lauren’s room. Phil tried everything to no avail. It was suggested that we needed an Alpha dog to show her the way. We had no intentions of getting a second dog and did not know quite what to do.

We attended a greyhound picnic and were enjoying the fun when I “lost” my husband. I saw him in the distance being pulled around the picnic area by a big brindle boy. “What are you doing” I said. He said “Isn’t this dog beautiful, why don’t you take him for a walk?” I am not exaggerating, this dog was pulling my arm out of the socket. We left the picnic and back at home, my husband could not stop talking about “Award.” He was a Hemopet hound and shortly thereafter joined our little family which also included our 8th grade daughter Lauren, 2 year old Roxie, and a tabby cat.

Roxie was thrilled to see him when he arrived at our house. Her happiness turned south very quickly when he tried to briefly have “his way” with her. She let him have it! The minute he came in the house he tried to mark our sofa. I was not impressed. He was a little “nippy” when running out in the yard. I was actually afraid of him and was having second thoughts about the adoption. I soon learned that this was him just being playful. He never mastered the dog door. Stairs were always a nightmare. He was petrified of the cat. He tried to run across the pool and got his first swimming lesson. He never went near the pool again. When we went on walks with the Needle Nose Crew in Irvine, he always wanted to be in the lead. In the Seal Beach Christmas Parade, he started at the end and finished at the front. He always had that racing instinct. We took him to the tree lighting at Fashion Island and had to leave early after a little chihuahua scared the daylights out of him with it’s incessant barking. So our big Alpha dog was not so sure of himself after all. The positive?? Roxie came right out of her shell and came to be crazy about my husband. Ward showed her the way.

We moved to Southern Oregon in July, 2006. We have a 22 acre property with a large fenced in area where both dogs had plenty of room to run and explore. They have experienced the change of seasons with snow, rain and very warm late summers. If there was any weather except dry, Ward would want to come right back in the house after being let out. Funny guy, always wanted to be right back with his human pack. He still never mastered the dog door or stairs and had to either be lifted (all 90 pounds) or coaxed up a ramp to get in the car.

Unfortunately, Ward developed a limp in October. We feared the worst and osteosarcoma was confirmed in his hip. At 11 1/2 years old and with his lack of mobility he was just not a surgery candidate. We let him go this past week when his pain was not being relieved and we were fearful of a hip fracture. I cannot begin to tell you how much joy this dog brought to our family. He loved us so unconditionally it was beyond belief. He should have been named “Velcro” as he was always attached to one of us as well as any visitor who came to our house. The pain of letting him go has been difficult. We are just trying to remember all the wonderful times we had with him and know that his pain is over.

We want to thank Hemopet/CalGAP for allowing us the honor of bringing Ward into our lives. We’d also like to thank his Foster Mom, Katie Fisher for transitioning him to our home and making sure he was cat safe. I don’t know if she remembers what a “twirler” he was before he would lay down. The first photo was taken on the day we met Ward at the picnic. The second photo was taken here in Oregon recently.We hope that you will share our story with others.

Up for adoption at the greyhound picnic in 2004 with soon-to-be family members.

Photos courtesy of the Kolczynski family.

In Memory of Lily



A former SoCalGAL hound, and all-round sweet girl. CalGAP sends our condolences to her family.


In Memory of Neo

Neo // 5/2001 - 10/2010

Our heartfelt condolences go out to Roger and Sharyn Deeringer for the loss of their big, sweet boy Neo. Writes Roger: “He turned 9 in May and we had 5
wonderful years with him. He will be most missed at the Meet & Greets as he
was always a fence star. Never could get or give enough love.”

He is remembered by Roger, Sharyn, and his fellow greyhound pack members Static, Tiffany, Duke, Kelly, Percy, Javier, and current foster Wasabi. He joins Fisher, Aspen, and Sears at the Rainbow Bridge.

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