In Memory of Rapido Echo Reni

Rapido Echo Reni

July 7, 2003 – April 28, 2011

She entered my life as a foster through Joy Moss of SoCalGAL. She was not adopted by anyone, due to her missing a toe on her back foot. Reni and I bonded almost immediately at first sight, when I picked her up from Hemopet. She was always wanting to know where I was. Showing her true devotion to me: two years ago I was diagnosed with cancer, she never left my side. When I was hospitalized with a life threatening infection, she waited at the door for my return. Now it was my time to be by her side. Unfortunately, I could not save her. Reni and I said our final goodbye today. She is at Rainbow Bridge now. She will be buried at Seabreeze Pet Cemetery with her other companions. It is important to show our devotion to our beloved, unselfish greyhounds every day. Love eternal, Reni. Rest in peace. We hear your ECHO in our hearts.

Doris Lewinson and Roxane Kobalka