About CalGAP

California Greyhound Adoption Promotion (CalGAP) provides Greyhound adoption information and educational material on ex-racing greyhounds.The staff of the CalGAP organization, the Needle Nose Team Volunteers, is dedicated to assisting Greyhound adoption agencies in the placement of ex-racing Greyhounds in loving homes through public awareness programs, shows, special events, and advertising.

CalGAP offers the prospective adoptive “parent” a list of adoption agencies, information specific to the breed and to retired racers, and an opportunity to meet the Greyhounds “up close and personal”.The Needle Nose Team Volunteers of CalGAP offer anecdotal accounts of life with their Greyhounds and offer support through past experience and published resources.

CalGAP is an all volunteer organization with a 501c3 distinction. We welcome everyone who is dedicated to the welfare of rescued ex-racers and to finding forever homes and loving families for all ex-racing greyhounds.

Phone: (949) 275-0916

Email: calgap@cox.net

Mailing Address:
4037 Phelan Rd, Ste A130
Phelan, CA 92371

All comments, questions, photo submissions, adoption inquiries are welcome.