In-Home Euthanasia


A note from CalGAP director Sharyn:

Dr. Annie Forslund allowed all of us – including Sears, Neo, Static – to say good-bye to Aspen in our home as Aspen rested on her favorite bed. By coming to our home, Dr. Forslund allowed us to cradle and gently stroke Aspen as we sent her off to the Rainbow Bridge. Our pack didn’t have to deal with the uncertainty of Aspen leaving the house and never returning. The passing of a pack member they understand; disappearance leaves them uncertain. All of us had the opportunity to say good-bye.

Dr. Forslund also provides pre and post emotional support to help pet owners deal with these difficult decisions. Being a greyhound owner, she truly understands our emotional attachment to our wonderful greys. We can’t thank Dr. Annie Forslund enough, nor express how grateful we are for her services.

When you are faced with the decision of having to let go, we encourage you to watch the In-Home Pet Euthanasia Experience video, or visit Dr. Forslund’s website at Home Pet Euthanasia of Southern California.

How do you decide when it is time to let go? The question I ask of myself when having to make this heart wrenching decision is, “Am I keep my precious baby from the Rainbow Bridge for my greyhound’s sake, or I am keeping my sweet greyhound here for me?” Only you can decide and no other person should judge your decision.