Volunteers Needed

Need to get out of the house? Need to socialize with other greyhound owners? Does your grey want to hang out with other greys? Join the volunteers of CalGAP as we promote greyhound adoption for all the adoption groups in Southern California. And if you have foster greys, feel free to bring them to an event, too! While we ask that all volunteers talk in broad terms about adopting greyhounds (and not favor one group over the other), foster parents are welcome to talk up their fosters and mention the adoption group responsible. CalGAP promotes and makes donations to all greyhound rescue groups in Southern California, and we invite all greys and all owners to volunteer.

Your help is always appreciated, whether you currently own a greyhound, may be considering adoption in the future, or just love to be around greyhounds. Please join us at any of our events and help us share our love of greyhounds with prospective adopters and the general public. Not sure what to say? We will be there to help you.

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